Welcome to my website!

I have formed a one-man band known as Doctor Pugh in which I sing and play 7-string guitar, ride and hi-hat cymbals, snare and bass drums.  I perform live and in live-multimedia shows, write original songs and scripts, make audio recordings and shoot and produce my own music videos and short musicals.

I am specializing in synchronized, field, multi-camera video and multi-track audio recordings.  When practical, I prefer to shoot and record music live in remote locations.

Spirituals, blues, jazz standards, R&B and show tunes are favorites!

Current song subjects relate to our environment, spirituality, personal growth, my background and life experiences.

“Charlene Descends to the Occasion” – A Short Musical Film

I asked myself, If I had to play the part of a strong woman in a short musical, what character would I want to develop, what story would I write, what song would I sing?”  Well, “Charlene Descends to the Occasion” is the story and “Wired-Off His Balls” is the song.  They are available to buy and download at the Download Store.